Community rules

The goal of Heedn is to offer a way for people to meet, express themselves and overcome their shyness. That is why we insist on RESPECT towards others on Heedn. If you don't respect our rules, we reserve the right to ban you permanently from the community.
We reitirate that Heedn is a meeting app and thus you need to be at least 18 years old to use it.

First and foremost, please report any prohibited behaviour in the app.
When you see this icon : it means that you can report a user. Use it if you think that a user is harmful towards the community or that he violates one of the community rules below.


This category regroups the INSULTS, VIOLENCE, HATE SPEECH and all INAPROPRIATE CONTENTS on Heedn. Once again, respect is a priority on Heedn and we ask of you to respect ALL users, regardless of their nationality, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or all other personality aspects that could prejudice them. We also prohibit posting anything that contains violence or hate speech on the app.


This category regroups NUDITY, SEXUAL and PORNOGRAPHIC CONTENTS on Heedn. These have NOTHING to do on Heedn. There are enough platforms on which you can exhibit yourselves and not to do it here. Failure to follow this rule will be severly sanctioned.


This category regroups HARRASSMENT, THREATS and INTIMIDATION on Heedn. We reitirate that disclosing personal informations concerning other users is PROHIBITED. Personal informations includes name, photos, conversations and any other information where an other user than yourself appear. This is a very serious subject and any user violating this rule will be banned permanently and depending on the severity of the situation a complaint will be filed in court.


This category regroups SCAMS and COLLECT OF PERSONAL INFORMATION on Heedn. All attempts of collect of personal information on other users for any illegal or unlawful purpose is prohibited. We do not tollerate this kind of behaviour on our platform and any user attempting it will be permanently banned from Heedn.

Identity theft

It's self-explanatory. Do not try to identify yourself as someone that you're not. Never lie about personal informations like your pictures, name or your age. Otherwise, you will be banned permanently.

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